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Published on July 29, 2007 By Larry Kuperman In Internet
The question of how many Jews there are begs the definition of "What is a Jew?" and also "Who is a Jew?" Questions that have been asked many a time.....mostly by other Jews. Being a Secular Jew myself, I like the most liberal, inclusive definition that includes....well ME. The biggest number that you will see is about 18 million Jews. This works out to something like 1/4 of one per cent of the world's population. So you would expect that our impact on the Internet would be proportional to our numbers.

Not so, bubbala. (A term of endearment, darling. Can you feel me virtually pinching your cheek? In a nice way.) The impact of Jews far outweighs their numbers. Lets look at "Who's A Yid?"

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google. Larry Page's mom, Gloria Page, is Jewish. Sergey Brin was born in Moscow, Russia, to Jewish parents, Michael and Eugenia, who fled to America for religious freedom.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, while he was a student at Harvard University. It was originally going to be limited to Harvard students, but expanded quickly. Zuckerberg saw the potential in the site and sought capital. He turned to Peter Thiel, a co-founder of Paypal and, not-so-coincidentally, also Jewish. Facebook is often rumored to be up for sale. How much is Facebook worth? Let me refer that to Mr. Thiel: "Facebook's internal valuation is around $8 billion based on their projected revenues of $1 billion by 2015." Founder Mark Zuckerberg is 23, or as we like to say, 10 years past his Bar Mitzvah.

Robert Kevin Rose is, comparatively, an old man at age 30. He is best known for founding Digg.com. Robert lost his job during the burst of the Dot Com bubble, ended up working as a production assistant on the show The Screen Savers He began appearing on air and stepped in as host after Leo Laporte left TechTV. On November 1, 2004, he started a site that combined social bookmarking, blogging, RSS into arguably the premier tech news site. Today Digg is rated among the 100 most popular sites on the web.

Scott Blum has been referred to as the "Sam Walton of e-commerce." Leaving a successful career as a shoe salesman as a youth, he founded Microbanks, a company that sold add-on memory modules for Macintosh computers. Before his 21st birthday, he sold Microbanks to Sentron Technology in San Diego for $2.5 million in cash. He would then co-found Pinnacle Micro with his father. Leaving there under a cloud of dubious accounting practices (he paid no penalty and admitted no guilt) he would go on to found Buy.com. He left before went public, returned to take it back private and it is now his baby.

RealNetworks is not the most beloved company in the world, nor is Real Player a favorite product. But there is no question that CEO and Founder Rob Glaser has been influential. When he founded Real Networks in 1994, at age 31, he was already a millionaire from his days at Microsoft. He has had a major impact on the Internet.

Certainly also worth mentioning are Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, whose mother is Jewish; Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, who was born on the Lower East Side of New York to a Jewish mother and raised by his great-aunt and great-uncle in Chicago; and Phillipe Kahn, founder of Borland.

What would the Internet be like with Google, PayPal, Facebook, Digg.com, Buy.com? It would be very, very different.

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on Jan 09, 2008

Besides Kuperman's blog entry being completely self serving, the individual who wrote this is wearing the accomplishments of others as a badge or totem as if their accomplishments (not unique to the Jewish religion, and having nothing to do with it) somehow rub off on him.

Why is it 'self serving'....and why is it ascribed as a 'totem' [that] 'somehow rubs off on him' [Larry]?

I can state, for example that Casey Stoner is the current 2007 world champion MotoGP rider...and the first to see a NON-Japanese Manufacturer to win the title in 30 years, yes, THIRTY ....AND he's Australian....as am I.

Does that mean I claim to be a shit-hot Bike rider .... or God's gift to Ducati.... 'cos Stoner's Nationality matches my own?

As we say down here...."Fair suck of the sauce, me old China."...

Before someone or everyone arrogantly declares exactly WHO is the most arrogant just take the time to note that one thing every single race, creed, and/or nationality has in common....they ALL have arseholes.  The trick is in not allowing oneself to be described as one....

on Jan 09, 2008
Oh no you don't!
Fuzzy votes to have Zubaz banned from resurrecting threads...

wasn't Zub

(Citizen)writerdirectorproducerJanuary 5, 2008 13:42:25
on Jan 10, 2008
Jafo....if you can't see/understand it...you can't: it was written as an "ego by association" piece. It certainly wasn't done for the Wikipedia. It wasn't a "put on". As for the rest of your cryptic note....
on Jan 10, 2008

it was written as an "ego by association" piece.

Says who?

on Jan 10, 2008
Sir, with all due respect, you have established and belabored the point that you don't like the fact that the piece was written and published. You have stated your opinions as if they had the force of law. They don't. They are what YOU think, as the article was what I think.

You have commented:

"Besides Kuperman's blog entry being completely self serving..."

Got it, you didn't like the article.

"Oh, and why were the pictures necessary?"

Got it, you didn't like the presentation either.

"My objections have to do with the Antisemitism revealed in some of the comments and the appearance of religion where it doesn't belong."

Got it, you don't like the people who comment on it.

My sense from the above comments and your remarks, is that you don't participate in a whole lot of internet discussions. Typically the way that these work is that someone writes an article, you get to comment on, to agree with or disagree with that article. You don't get to criticize the author (not the article, but the author) or the people that have commented or state that the article should never have been written or published.

People (KarmaGirl, Fuzzy Logic, SanChonino and Jafo) have tried to explain this to you. I will repeat back to you what you said to Jafo "if you can't see/understand it...you can't."

Might I suggest that you turn your energies in a more useful direction? Perhaps write your own article?
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