Microsoft Announces Anti-Spam and Corporate Firewall Solutions
Published on November 17, 2003 By Larry Kuperman In Personal Computing
At Las Vegas' Comdex event, Chairman Bill Gates announced that Microsoft will soon be offering new products to combat spam, protect computer networks and track information that passes through users computers.

The ant-spam solution will be called SmartScreen and is a series of filters designed to work with Outlook and Outlook Express. It is designed to keep spam and malicious attachments from reaching a user's desktop. It will be available in the middle of 2004.

Internet Security and Acceleration Server is a new server-based firewall solution from Microsoft expected to be available first half of 2004.

Stuff I've Seen is a new feature set that will be incorporated into Longhorn, the next version of the Windows Operating System. It is designed to help users track files, e-mail, calendars, Web pages and other information.

Microsoft has been under attack for security holes built into their software, for failing to respond quickly to new threats and for creating an unwieldy system of patches that are difficult for network administrators to apply.
on Dec 21, 2003
Sounds like a Mac user ~chuckles~ If Macintosh or Linux systems were the most widely used then it would be them that had issues with security. The only reason Microsoft has issues with security is because 90% of the world uses windows. I can only assume that the Microsoft bashing was started by angry white box businesses that were tired of Microsoft liscensing plans. I didn't see anything wrong with it. That is how economics works you buy more the price goes down. It was just a bunch of Linux/Unix crybabies trying to start Microsoft's demise. Longhorn promises to be a much better system and from what I have read it most likely will be. I am estatic with XP and bought it the day it shelved. Yes I had problems until SP1 arrived and I still have problems with XP being able to load two of the same type drivers into RAM but it beats the 9x series. I personally like patches, although for a network it is a pain in the ass (i know this from experience) but then longhorn is suppose to fix that as well. If I read correctly the Server 2004 also does network wide patching so viola one problem down one zillion to go ~grins~