Holocaust Survivors Testimony
Published on December 11, 2006 By Larry Kuperman In Current Events
The Simon Wiesenthal Institute is convening a video conference of testimony by 70 Holocaust survivors to refute the Holocaust denial meeting being conducted in Tehran. Holocaust survivors from around the world are being invited to contribute their testimonies.

In Los Angeles, artifacts from the concentration camps will also be on display.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Simon Wiesenthal Institute and the Museum of Tolerance, this is their Mission Statement:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization dedicated to repairing the world one step at a time. The Center’s multifaceted mission generates changes through the Snider Social Action Institute and education by confronting antisemitism, hate and terrorism, promoting human rights and dignity, standing with Israel, defending the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations.

on Dec 11, 2006
For anyone interested, Simon Wiesenthal's bio can be found at: Link

Some of the honors bestowed on Simon Wiesenthal include:

* Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire on 19 February 2004, in recognition of a "lifetime of service to humanity." The knighthood also recognized the work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
* Presidential Medal of Freedom — U.S.
* Congressional Gold Medal of Honor — U.S.
* Légion d'honneur — France
* Dutch Freedom Medal
* Luxembourg Freedom Medal
* Austrian Cross of Honor of the Sciences and Arts
* Decorations from Austrian and French resistance groups
* Polonia Restituta - Poland
* Israel Liberata- Israel
on Dec 11, 2006

I heard about the Iranian kooks decision to convene a panel to refute the holocaust. No matter what he hears in opposition to his own dream world, he will continue to hate JEWS and deny the holocaust ever happened.

Part of being a true monster is the ability to think that your way is the only way and it's the right way on top of it.