Giving Blood
Published on July 4, 2009 By Larry Kuperman In Current Events

I have recently written an article on Sarah Palin's resignation (see and as one of the minority of Liberals still writing on JoeUser, I have no doubt that I will catch flack for my opinions. I don't mind the grief that I get for my decidedly Liberal point of view, but it does offend me when it is implied that Liberals are in some way un-American. I love my country and, even during the darkest days of Vietnam and the Bush Presidency, I always have. That is why I devoted part of my 4th of July holiday to a very American activity, donating blood.

Let me pause for a moment to give a shout out to Dr. Guy, a fellow blogger here on JoeUser and one whom I have the utmost respect for. I see that Dr. Guy hasn't posted since January of this year and I am not sure that he is still around, but if he sees this, let me offer my greetings and resepect. Over the years, Dr. Guy and I have have disgreed on almost everything....with the notable exception of the importance of donating blood through American Red Cross. Dr. Guy, my greetings and best wishes to you, should you happen to read this.

I never knew that Dr. Guy was an active blood donor until I read this article of his: "Well, yesterday was a mile stone of sorts for my blood donation.  It represented my 13th gallon (official) since I have been donating." Thirteen GALLONS! Wow!

When I commented on his article, he replied "But when it comes right down to it, we all have the same things in comon - blood, brains and a heart." That made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Then we had ChefGarry commenting that he had donated 300 times, RoyLevosh adding that he was a regular blood donor. I am sure that there are many others here at JU who are regular donors.

Why do I call it an American activity? I don't really know if, as a group, Americans donate more or less than other nations. I do know that history has shown that we, as a nation, are at our finest in times of crisis, when we can put aside the labels of Liberal and Conservative, Democrat and Republican and rise to the occasion. And again, I don't know if we are better than other nations of not and frankly I don't care. I just know that we are at our best at such times.

The thing is that crisis come not only at times like after 9/11 or after Pearl Harbor or Hurricane Katrina. I hope that everyone knows that the week after 9/11 the American Red Cross was overwhelmed by people offering to donate blood. But every day is a crisis for someone. So, I try to give every six weeks or so, as I am able.

After all, its the American thing to do. Happy holiday!


on Jul 05, 2009

Good idea, and a great way to show you care. Wish I could (anthrax) again. There is a place that will take it, but they pay you for it (that defeats the donation thing). It's not very easy to get to anyway.

BTW nobody has , or should have, a lock on patriotism be it conservative or liberal. I think a few groups that identify with the left, code pink and the anti-ROTC or anti-military recruiting folks for example, give an aire of questionable patriotism. These groups get a lot of press in comparison to liberal support organizations. Perhaps a negative effect from owning the majority of the media.

BTW I also worry about Dr. Guy. His departure from JU was sudden to say the least. I sincerely hope he is well.

on Jul 05, 2009

I appreciate your appeal to all who can to donate.  Props to you for your humanitarianism.

We know you have a big heart.  Now, if you just had a brain.

on Jul 09, 2009

Well said!

I myself an a donor as well.

Be well, ~Alderic

on Jul 10, 2009

Larry, you and I disagree on quite a bit as well.  We have two things in common. Being Jews and donating blood.