A New Beginning
Published on May 6, 2011 By Larry Kuperman In Internet

Today is my last official day as a full-time Stardock employee; although there will be a transition period of some length where I'll still be around (what I like to refer to as the "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in" time) but as of Monday I will primarily be a GameStop employee.

I joined Stardock more than a decade ago, in February 2001. During my tenure, I was a part of the release of WindowBlinds for XP (that became WindowBlinds 3) at the Microsoft offices outside Detroit; the creation of the WinCustomize skinning community web site; the integration of skinning technology into applications by major corporations such as GE, ATI, Motorola, T-Mobile and many others; skinning being used to make computers look "futuristic" in movies, including "The Recruit"; and ultimately I was gratified to see the embrace of skinning as a mainstream movement by computer manufacturers like Dell and HP and organizations like the NHL and NBA. Good times indeed.

I have been proud to be a member not only of a company that was committed to "making cool stuff" but to a community that numbered millions of members. I have many friends at WinCustomize and JoeUser and I will, of course, stay in touch. But over the years my posts have become less frequent and my participation greatly diminished. It is not that I love you all any less, it is simply that my focus has shifted.

I was always part of Stardock's PC gaming initiatives, going as far back as The Corporate Machine. As time went on and Stardock published Galactic Civilizations I and II, Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod and Elemental, I spent more and more time involved in the gaming side of things. Never really on the games themselves (thank goodness! I suxx0rs as a gamer!) but on the business of game publishing, through Drengin.Net to TotalGaming.Net to Impulse. This will now become my principal focus.

As a part of this community, we shared many good times and some bad ones. I remember turning to the WinCustomize boards for relief after the 9/11 attack. Chatting with community members from around the world, we shared the pain and gave each other what comfort we could.

There are too many to thank by name and I fear that I would inadvertently omit someone near and dear. But let me thank my fellow Stardockians past and present ("we few, we happy few, we band of brothers"), all the developers and coders (the smart guys), the skinners, the bloggers and the whole IRC crowd. Thank you all for making my life richer.

Now, having gotten quite maudlin, what are you hanging around here reading this drivel for? Go skin something!


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on May 06, 2011

I am honored to have worked with you Larry, and I wish you all the best with GameStop.  I am also glad we had a chance to meet in person and have dinner together.  


on May 06, 2011

Happy to have you as a friend.  Best of luck on the new venture.  

on May 06, 2011

I am sure you will hear a lot of this, but I am sorry to hear that you are going. 

Does this involve a physical move or are you staying in at the same desk?  

on May 06, 2011

Larry...if you don't remain in touch I'll personally get back over to the US and hunt you down....and submit you to the death of a 1000 bad puns and age-ist jokes.

The highest accolade an Aussie can give someone is...."you're a great bloke",

...and that you are.

Wishing you well with your new adventures,

Yer [slightly older] mate, Paul.

on May 06, 2011

Good luck Larry!

on May 06, 2011

Good luck on the light side of the force.

on May 06, 2011

good luck and thanks for your work.

on May 06, 2011

The best of luck to you in your future endeavours.

on May 06, 2011

Koop - I'm not a Stardockian, but I always enjoyed our chats.... you're a mensch, Larry. Truly. All the best and please don't lose touch...

How about a card?


And a prayer...(Tfilat HaDerech)

יְהִי רָצוֹן מִלְפָנֶיךָ ה' אֱ-לֹהֵינוּ וֵא-לֹהֵי אֲבוֹתֵינוּ, שֶתּוֹלִיכֵנוּ לְשָלוֹם וְתַצְעִידֵנוּ לְשָלוֹם. וְתִסְמְכֵנוּ לְשָלוֹם. וְתַדְרִיכֵנוּ לְשָלוֹם. וְתַגִיעֵנוּ לִמְחוֹז חֶפְצֵנוּ לְחַיִּים וּלְשִמְחָה וּלְשָלוֹם וְתַצִּילֵנוּ מִכַּף כָּל אוֹיֵב וְאוֹרֵב וְלִסְטִים וְחַיּוֹת רָעוֹת בַדֶּרֶךְ וּמִכָּל מִינֵי פּוּרְעָנִיּוֹת הַמִתְרַגְּשוֹת לָבוֹא לָעוֹלָם וְתִשְלַח בְּרָכָה בְּכל מַעֲשֵה יָדֵינוּ, וְתִתְּנֵנוּ לְחֵן וּלְחֶסֶד וּלְרַחֲמִים בְעֵינֶיךָ וּבְעֵינֵי כָל רוֹאֵינוּ וְתִשְמַע קוֹל תַּחֲנוּנֵינוּ. כִּי אֵ-ל שוֹמֵעַ תְּפִלָּה וְתַחֲנוּן אתה: בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה', שוֹמֵעַ תְּפִלָּה.

on May 06, 2011

Now you have done it...you made me cry at work! There are clean spots on my desk....

I have been truly blessed (in a secular sense of course) to have had such good friends. 

I will certainly stay in touch, you can't get rid of me that easily.

on May 06, 2011

All the best to you, Larry.  Whenever I saw a JU post by you on the list I knew I was in for some good reading.  Hope you'll find time to post a bit more once the transition is complete.  Either way, thanks for your contributions here & at Stardock.

on May 06, 2011

We'll miss you Koop! Good luck with the new job (company).

Gamestop's lucky to get you.

on May 06, 2011

good luck sir...

on May 06, 2011

As Paul said, you better stay in touch!! I will miss you Larry, the nicest guy I ever met on the internet..........

on May 06, 2011

hey larry, i am going to miss you at wincustomize, good luck on your new job