The Good News Is- I'm Paying For It!
Published on October 14, 2003 By Larry Kuperman In Misc
I watch a lot of football at this time of year. Every single game that I watched had an ad for the new $20 bill. Not just a commercial, but an image of the new bill projected on the field. The image was at last 20' wide. All this to get me to accept a bill that I would have to use anyway.

Looking at the massive images, I thought "Well, no wonder they are anticipating problems." Then a friend told me that the actual bills won't be that big. Good, 'cause I thought that I would have a hard time folding them to fit in my wallet.

I am sure that this campaign is costing us, the American taxpayer, millions of dollars. For what? I mean, what was I going to do? Refuse to accept the new currency? Ask for my change in zlotys or kopecks? Go back to barter? "How much is that in chickens?"

Now its true that the new bill is different looking and some sort of public relations message was necessary. But this was, IMHO, overkill by an agency with a huge budget to spend. What, is the US Dept. of Treasury made of money? Do they think that they can just print more when they need it? Uh, on second thought strike that.

Why couldn't we just get by with the same old campaign where some retired actor came out and said, "We're the government, we're changing the bill, now deal with it."

Just my two cents.
on Oct 15, 2003
That is so funny. It's so true. Why do they need to advertise the new bill? It's not like we have a choice, and who cares really. It's money. Anyone who doesn't want that new bill can give it to me, where it will be put to good use.

on Oct 15, 2003
It reminds me of this comic who was complaining about how the USPS has commercials even though they don't have any competition (for normal everyday mail anyway).
Still though, one must wonder why they'd waste money on a Superbowl ad no doubt!
on Oct 15, 2003
They also had an ad on my head hurt.....
on Oct 22, 2003
Has anyone actually seen one of these yet? After all the publicity, I thought they would be all over the place. I have yet to see one.
on Oct 22, 2003
My friend told me that a friend of his had one... but he never got a chance to "hold it", only had a chance to see it up close for a few seconds.