Will a consensus candidate appear?
Published on February 12, 2004 By Larry Kuperman In International
According to CNN, a source close to the candidate says that Wesley Clark will endorse John Kerry in his quest for the Democratic nomination.

Retired Army Gen. stopped short of confirming the rumor, saying only that "I'm looking forward to seeing John tomorrow."

If accurate, Gen. Clark's endorsement would certainly boost the chances for John Kerry, who has won 12 of the first 14 primaries. The next Democratic primary is in Wisconsin.

In my opinion, in order for any Democratic candidate to stand a chance against President Bush in November, they must first unify the Democratic party beyond them. None of the Democratic hopefuls is strong enough to survive an acrimonious and divisive series of primaries. Clark's possible endorsement of John Kerry would certainly be a step towards producing a consensus candidate.
on Feb 13, 2004
With the trash talk I have seen between Kerry and Edwards concerning the VP nomination, I dunno how quickly they'll fall into line. He was pretty snide when he commented on what Edwards could bring to his campaign as a running mate. Maybe they'll put that aside quickly, though. Dean still seems determined enough to go independant, rwaaarrr... lol.