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Published on July 29, 2007 By Larry Kuperman In Internet
The question of how many Jews there are begs the definition of "What is a Jew?" and also "Who is a Jew?" Questions that have been asked many a time.....mostly by other Jews. Being a Secular Jew myself, I like the most liberal, inclusive definition that includes....well ME. The biggest number that you will see is about 18 million Jews. This works out to something like 1/4 of one per cent of the world's population. So you would expect that our impact on the Internet would be proportional to our numbers.

Not so, bubbala. (A term of endearment, darling. Can you feel me virtually pinching your cheek? In a nice way.) The impact of Jews far outweighs their numbers. Lets look at "Who's A Yid?"

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google. Larry Page's mom, Gloria Page, is Jewish. Sergey Brin was born in Moscow, Russia, to Jewish parents, Michael and Eugenia, who fled to America for religious freedom.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, while he was a student at Harvard University. It was originally going to be limited to Harvard students, but expanded quickly. Zuckerberg saw the potential in the site and sought capital. He turned to Peter Thiel, a co-founder of Paypal and, not-so-coincidentally, also Jewish. Facebook is often rumored to be up for sale. How much is Facebook worth? Let me refer that to Mr. Thiel: "Facebook's internal valuation is around $8 billion based on their projected revenues of $1 billion by 2015." Founder Mark Zuckerberg is 23, or as we like to say, 10 years past his Bar Mitzvah.

Robert Kevin Rose is, comparatively, an old man at age 30. He is best known for founding Digg.com. Robert lost his job during the burst of the Dot Com bubble, ended up working as a production assistant on the show The Screen Savers He began appearing on air and stepped in as host after Leo Laporte left TechTV. On November 1, 2004, he started a site that combined social bookmarking, blogging, RSS into arguably the premier tech news site. Today Digg is rated among the 100 most popular sites on the web.

Scott Blum has been referred to as the "Sam Walton of e-commerce." Leaving a successful career as a shoe salesman as a youth, he founded Microbanks, a company that sold add-on memory modules for Macintosh computers. Before his 21st birthday, he sold Microbanks to Sentron Technology in San Diego for $2.5 million in cash. He would then co-found Pinnacle Micro with his father. Leaving there under a cloud of dubious accounting practices (he paid no penalty and admitted no guilt) he would go on to found Buy.com. He left before went public, returned to take it back private and it is now his baby.

RealNetworks is not the most beloved company in the world, nor is Real Player a favorite product. But there is no question that CEO and Founder Rob Glaser has been influential. When he founded Real Networks in 1994, at age 31, he was already a millionaire from his days at Microsoft. He has had a major impact on the Internet.

Certainly also worth mentioning are Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, whose mother is Jewish; Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, who was born on the Lower East Side of New York to a Jewish mother and raised by his great-aunt and great-uncle in Chicago; and Phillipe Kahn, founder of Borland.

What would the Internet be like with Google, PayPal, Facebook, Digg.com, Buy.com? It would be very, very different.

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on Jul 30, 2007
If anything, I would argue that this topic serves more as a text book case of the power of clans and how groups of people who are tightly connected in some way tend to do far better than the general population -- regardless of whether they're Jewish, Hindu, Harvard alumni, or heck Scientologists.

I couldn't agree more.  
on Jul 30, 2007
I'm not an anti-semite. An anti-dentite maybe... but not an anti-semite...
on Jul 30, 2007
He wasn't measuring a person by his race, but a race by the (net) worth of certain people.

I was not suggesting he was...but merely pointing out that once race, colour or creed is attached to anything, good or bad, intolerances and negatives a plenty come crawling out of the woodwork.

I don't think of anyone as belonging to any specific group/culture, etc, but purely as an individual, and in this age of migration, integration and multiculturalism it is the best (only) way to be. Here in Oz we are one of the most diverse nations on earth, with people from every corner of the globe, and every one of them to me is an Australian long before they are black or white, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or Christian, etc, etc. Same everywhere....people are human beings before they belong to any ethnic, religious or political group or faction.

Every religion teaches love of our fellow man....all mankind, meaning we should embrace all humanity and not separate it into minority groups/clans.
on Jul 30, 2007
While I find your article interesting. The general assumptions and vague analysis is quite flawed. There are a number of contributing factors of interest such as How often wealth changes hands (or grows), immigration levels, etc, etc.

If your going to do an analysis based on religion then what percentage of the overall population is Catholic, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Protestant, etc. Also, what are the percentages of business ownership by religious belief's in general? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that a higher number of Jew's create/own their own business!

Coincidentally I'm a big believer in merit just as Brad is. When you have the combination of skills/merit and community (clans) connections than success can't help but, foster success.
on Jul 30, 2007
I must agree with post 28 it really is right on the mark.

But it is a tiny bit deeper than that, it comes from a time when Jews in America could get no outside help, just because they were Jews, Not Christian, so they turned to each other for help, it was all they way into the 1960's that marrying outside of the faith was enough to get disowned that's how deep the clannishness went. Imagine a Mothers and fathers worse nightmare was not having a criminal for a son or daughter, but to have them bring home someone that is not a JEW and announce they intended to marry them.
on Jul 30, 2007
it was all they way into the 1960's that marrying outside of the faith was enough to get disowned that's how deep the clannishness went.

It goes back a lot further than that and not just for people of the Jewish faith.

on Jul 30, 2007

Culture, not race or religion.

Very true.  Culture is what makes us try to excel - or accept we cannot do something.

I dare say if you look at the percentage of cultures and their impact on the internet, you would find some cultures over represented and others under represented.

on Jul 30, 2007

I maintained that your post was prideful, self-serving, and yes, in a manner of speaking, racist. I wasn't commenting on whatever articles or studies you were linking to in an effort to back up your (thoroughly inappropriate for this forum, or sub forum for that matter) post.

From personal experience, only one of the many billionaires I work with (or have worked with) and know PERSONALLY is Jewish - Steven Spielberg. And I wouldn't call him VERY Jewish on the scale of lapsed to orthodox, hehe. In fact, before directing his masterpiece, Schindler's List, and starting the SHOAH foundation (which I helped with) he used to get a lot of crap from the Jewish community for "not being Jewish enough" etc. Ironic, yes?

So, like with MOST statistics (aka lies), I would suspect that the studies you quote would present a black and white position to bolster a pre-determined position, rather than truly represent the SCALE of diversity found with modern Jewish culture. And that's just bad science.

For example, if these so called "studies" actually carried the kind of cause and effect relationship that you are implying here, then the "more Jewish" a billionaire was, the more billions his net worth would be.

I'll give you one guess if that is true or not.

In point of fact, the only thing I found in common (as an overwhelmingly prevalent trait) of all of the billionaires I have worked with is that they were all short.
on Jul 30, 2007

That's probably the best post I've ever read from you on any subject.
on Jul 30, 2007
don't take much to bring the anti-semites crawling out from under the rocks does it.

^^ Troll-bait/post. Let's keep it clean, folks.

We should be able to argue whether or not a position is based on flawed logic and self-serving statistics without being accused of antisemitism, yes?

In fact, the first person to back me up on this would be your rabbi...ahem.
on Jul 30, 2007
race/religion/male/female/disabled...etc has absolutly nothing to do with wether or not you become successful,talented,poor or rich at anything be it internet or real life.
so i have to ask, why is the jewish impact on the internet a discussion? cause obviously the same could be discussed for any single person on the planet.
on Jul 30, 2007
why is the jewish impact on the internet a discussion?

why not?   
on Jul 30, 2007
SirSmileyJuly 30, 2007 14:02:14

it was all they way into the 1960's that marrying outside of the faith was enough to get disowned that's how deep the clannishness went.

It goes back a lot further than that and not just for people of the Jewish faith.

was not talking further than, was talking "UP TO"
on Jul 30, 2007
Excalpius, you have stated your opinion, and offered "personal experience" to support your position. I have responded with surveys from Ohio State University and Stanford University. You responded by saying "like with MOST statistics (aka lies)"

Would it be safe to infer that you could not find any studies to refute my contentions?

"For example, if these so called "studies" actually carried the kind of cause and effect relationship that you are implying here, then the "more Jewish" a billionaire was, the more billions his net worth would be." Untrue and further proof of your bias. You did not even read the material that was linked.

In fact no one offered facts or studies to refute what I presented. There were strongly held opinions, but no support. Anyone care to cite a study that says there is NO relation between religion and wealth?

You have twice expressed the opinion (and that is what it is, an opinion) that this article did not belong on the Internet section. Aside from that not being under your jurisdiction, I would like to point out that I posted this article on my personal blog. The topic was the Internet, so it appeared in the forums.
on Jul 30, 2007
Mr. Kuperman, if I may, Larry, I know that we haven't been introduce properly, my name is John Toth. If you look at my profile you'll see we are close in age. That I'm older doesn't make me wiser or smarter, just older.

I've had the luxury, by way of 30yrs of military service, to travel to many different parts of the world. What I have found is that usually the most happy people are the ones that have very little in material wealth, but have a strong family unit. Now you may say what does this have to do with your post. IMHO western civilizations worry way to much about status and rank than what their individual cultures would tolerate.

I'm taking that if you brought up the original post that you yourself are Jewish. Be honest now, what does your faith say about such things?

Your post was about fine people doing outstanding things that unfortunately has now taken a back seat to arguments about who they are.

Something to think about, if I go to the baker to get bread does it really matter who they are if the bread is good.

Have a good evening.   

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